The Power of Your Tribe

I believe the greatest power a person can have is the ability to tribe well and to possess what I call, tribal consciousness. Living your best life now, achieving your highest aims, and making your greatest contribution to society is the result of “highest and best” interactions with people, places, and things.

To tribe well, we ask ourselves in each moment, the only moment we have, “What is the highest and best I can contribute to this moment?” This virtuous practice leads to harmonic co-existence with others and your environment, cooperation with and from people, and collaboration for the greater good of any business, cause, or project.

I have dedicated myself to discovering and uncovering the secrets of your tribe, your five circles of influence, and the ten people categories that you frequently interact with. Today, I empower and equip individuals to generate more authentic success in ways that serve their highest aims but also the greater good of society. Click the button below to join the tribe conversation for free and learn more about your tribe.

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Brett Labit


I’ve had a lot of business coaches over the years and Brett is the best of the best! His authenticity and tribe-building mentality is brilliant and his compassion for his clients is unparalleled. If you are looking to grow personally and professionally and looking to grow your network, Brett is your guy!

Shari W.

When it comes to coaches and leaders, Brett is the best of the best. He is an incredible connector, authentic, and knows what it takes to succeed. He is wonderful to work with and helped me make huge progress in my business and mindset.

Kimberly M.