To really know who I am, I invite you to experience me rather than me wasting your time with cheap words about myself. I live in Scottsdale, Arizona currently, and I am an entrepreneur. Feel free to engage my insights, read the posts, watch the videos, attend the events, or come have a glass of wine, cocktail, coffee, or tea with me as my guest. Other than that, here’s what a few of the people closest to me have to say.

john king

Two words come easily to mind when I am present to my experience of Brett – Honor and Authentic. Brett is the kind of guy that would bring a smile of satisfaction to your parents’ faces if they knew he was your friend. They would know that they got their job done and that you were in good company.

Brett is both an artist and a businessman, although that description is far short of the full picture. His ‘eye’ is what governs his relationship to the remarkable artists that he represents in his galleries, and his business acumen is a great gift to a category who are into their art and do business, not so much. To be represented by Brett is to have someone in your corner who can be counted upon to serve the partnership.

Brett also has way more than just a clue about the distinction of tribe. Tribe is something that many talk about and few actually grasp. Brett is passionate about Tribe and all things tribal, and brings an enormous background of building communities of diverse people into a tribal conversation which empowers and furthers those who want to play that game.

Brett has distinguished a simple, replicable, and effective set of protocols which immediately leverage influence and leadership inside of his distinct way of looking at society and the world.

If, for no other reason, you are interested in Tribes and your effectiveness inside of the several tribes in your life, pay attention to Brett… he will accelerate your game.

John King

Author: Tribal Leadership
Founder: John King Partners

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