“To empower individuals to positively impact their world in every area of life and business by embracing tribal consciousness and tribal interaction”

In 2012, I was in pain mentally and emotionally, and needed to decide to accept this state or change something. This prompted extensive reflection, deep introspection, and broad observation. We often look to outside circumstances to identify what we might change so that we are better on the inside. I’m sure I have done my fair share of this, and in some ways probably still do. Real change takes place when we observe what is happening on the inside through honest and objective eyes and become conscious of who and what we really are.

My discoveries have led me to more discovery, and continue to lead me to even more discovery. For the past 10 years I have been discovering, uncovering, and unwrapping what I call, “Tribal Consciousness,” and how it can contribute to life and business well-being and success. It has improved my well-being, generated more success for me and for others, and my mission is to now empower that further.

It is likely not realistic to believe that you can have anything you desire. The world is full of people that cling to this idea yet are dramatically deferred from what they desire. This idea was likely promoted by those that sell content promising you can have what you desire if you buy their program. There is a disconnect between what people fantasize about and what they are willing to have. It is likely true however that you can have much more than you do now and even more than you consciously or subconsciously expect if you are willing to embrace your highest and best.

There is a sweet spot I call the highest and best. It comes from the mastery of inner-action and inter-action. Maximum meaning, fulfillment, contribution, and joy. The highest and best is fluid not fixed. It evolves and expands as you do. Expand your being and you expand your highest and best. It is a formula where probability and possibility come into alignment as it pertains to your outcomes. This mindset will have you focus on these areas to expand your highest and best:

  • Inner-action. The things that are you and yours. You simply being and your awareness or consciousness.
  • Vision. Bringing the totality of what you see and where you focus, into the proper formula of past, present and future.
  • Interaction. The outward expression of what is ultimately taking place with your inner-action. How you interface with other people, places, and things. This is your tribe.
  • Contribution. Your energy signature that defines the culture in your tribe. The mental, emotional, and physical exchanges that you provide for the people, places, and things in your tribe.


Brett Labit

Personal, professional, and planetary success may seem like they require insurmountable and unrealistic investments of time, money, and energy. This is a massive misconception that deters us from our highest and best. In my opinion, the cost of not having success is much greater than the cost of having it. This has not been taught quite this way and so we have been programmed to think what we want costs more than what we don’t want. I propose that you can invest less for greater returns by simply learning what causes success in these areas. We are talking about ease and flow vs. disease and dysfunction.

Therefore, my mission is what it is. I am dedicated to the discovering, uncovering, and unwrapping of the ease of tribal consciousness and tribal interaction for more personal, professional, and planetary success. I seek to align with those individuals and organizations that want the same for our world. Thank you for considering our alignment. If you want to experience more, visit the INSIGHTS page.