Tribe is not Something. It is Everything.

“Tribe is not something. It is everything. The people, places, and things that you interact with frequently are in your tribe. How you interact determines if it will thrive.”

Tribing well is the single most impactful way I have found to strengthen relations and relationships, identify trusted and loyal friends, expand your business or profession, gain clients and sales, make a difference around you, and to ultimately live your best life. It can be summed up as consciously living life as a work of art. Tribing well is the art of interaction, leading to strong and healthy belonging, and collaborative efforts towards positive outcomes.

Your network is your net worth and life worth if you understand how to transform it into a thriving tribe. As natural as that should be for us, it seems we have forgotten how as we have migrated toward a more independent, transactional, and utilitarian society. Re-learning tribal consciousness can allow us to view our tribe as an ecology where everyone and everything matters, and who we are at the center of our tribe, matters greatly. We become one for all and all for one and their are great benefits to being in our tribe and maintaining membership.

Learning and developing a modern day tribal perspective, philosophy, principles, and practices, creates what I call, tribal consciousness. We become more conscious of how we interact and what we are creating together for the greater good. As we become more aware of the 4P’s of tribing, we become elevated, efficient, effective, expanded, and enriched in all areas of life and business. This brings new thriving culture into our interactions, causing the highest and best outcomes for all.

Your tribe is more than a nice way to refer to your network. It is your world. The one you live in, interact with, impact, and the one that impacts you. It is where you spend your time and energy. You steward and invest in your tribe, and if done wisely, it begins to thrive. You live consciously as a work of art, creating the highest and best life for yourself, others, and your tribe. It is what we wish the world to be but wishing is not enough. Each of us has to start with making our small part of the world better and that is our tribe.

A thriving tribe prospers economically, socially, and relationally. Life and business success and significance becomes more probable and possible. If you want more effective connection, meaningful relationships, a strong inner circle, a true mastermind, professional and business growth, better social interaction, more support, safety, and security, learn how to tribe well.

If you want to learn more about modern day thriving tribes, join in on The Tribe Conversation on Zoom, Saturdays from 8:30am to 9:30am at no charge. Each week we lead a discussion around one of the 4P’s of tribing and attendees can ask questions, make comments, and tribe with each other. Register here for the details and credentials.