Why The Tribe Conversation is Critical

Most of us are aspiring to some level of greatness in the things that we pursue. Whether it be relationships, career, business, cause-driven, or our overall quality of life. It is common that we view and create plans based on a varying list of outside factors, circumstances, and possibilities. This is of course important, however, true greatness in our pursuits comes from our ability to perform with excellence. Performance with excellence is an inside-out job. It begins with being and it evolves to doing and having.

Having the Tribe Conversation is critical because it gives us the perspective, philosophy, principles, and practices that promote a masterful and excellent way of living. We like to say “Living Life as a Work of Art”. I dont feel it is appropriate to perpetuate the false idea that you can have anything you believe you can have. However, I can confidently say that you can achieve and have your highest and best, better than you would otherwise, if you master interaction with yourself, tribe, and the present moment. The higher the degree of mastery, the greater your highest and best becomes.

“Tribe is not something. It is everything. The people, places, and things you interact with frequently are in your tribe. How you interact determines if it will thrive.”

Each of us has a tribe. You belong to many tribes but there is only one tribe that is “Your Tribe”. It began at birth and you have been interacting with it ever since. The construct of your tribe can be viewed through a perspective of 5 Circles of Influence. Anything inside of these 5 circles is in your tribe. As you become aware of what the 5 Circles are, who is where and what in each of those circles, and how you can best steward and invest time, money, and energy, you begin to tribe more efficiently and effectively. The outcome of this awareness is that you and they are expanded and enriched. Ultimately, the real outcome is more social, economic, and relational prosperity. The real formula for success and significance is found in Tribal Consciousness and application. Your ability to attract and organize the effort and energy of people in a win/win/win way.

Join the Tribe Conversation and gain unique insights on how to interact with your tribe to cause huge gains in life and business. We focus on mastering interaction, stewardship, and investment of time, money, and energy so that your network truly becomes your net worth and your relationships become your riches. They say it’s not what you know but who you know and that is not entirely accurate. When you know what you need to know to attract whom you need to know, you can get the right people wanting to know you back and they will advocate for you in many ways. This is the formula for life and business success. It has never been anything more or less than that. No fancy strategy, method, or idea can change the truth that life happens with and through people, places, and things and your ability to interact in a way to generate positive influence is the key to your highest and best.

The Tribe Conversation is a free zoom call with future live events. Brett Labit and John King have over 35 years combined experience, study, and research to present a practical approach to modern-day thriving tribes. There is no sales pitch and no product being sold. It is a genuine, authentic, conversation to empower and equip all of us to do better, whatever better means to you. Join the conversation by clicking here to register and get the zoom credentials.